Codit Integration Summit

Codit BizTalk 2016 Launch

Discover what is new in BizTalk 2016

Thursday November 24, 14:30 hours in Diegem.

Codit BizTalk 2016 Launch


  • Welcome coffee

  • Welcome BizTalk 2016 #fans

    by Stijn Degrieck, CEO at Codit

  • Microsoft’s view on integration: update anno 2016

    by Jan Tielens & Erik Kerkhofs

  • A dip into the new BizTalk 2016

    by Sam Vanhoutte, CTO at Codit 

  • High Availability versus Always On Support: the battle

    by Peter Borremans, Integration Domain Lead at Codit

  • Azure IPaaS: #IntegrationEvolved: Logic Apps, IFTTT and more

    by Glenn Colpaert, Integration Consultant at Codit

  • Closing note

    by Stijn Degrieck, CEO at Codit

  • -- 17:45 Wine & Dine --

Want to know about the next generation features of BizTalk 2016 that take your business on a successful hybrid integration journey? Attend the BizTalk 2016 Launch Event to know what is new, what Always On is all about and what the future of Enterprise Application Integration looks like. 


Who should attend?

Everyone who wants to know more about the new features in BizTalk 2016, Always On and hybrid connectivity through Logic Apps. Learn to create basic IFTTT (If This Then That) scenarios or think bigger with Logic Apps.

Practical info

  • Date: Thursday 24 November
  • Time: From 14.30 PM till 19.00 PM
  • Location: Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport, Leonardo Da Vincilaan 4, 1831 Diegem
  • Language: English
  • Participation is free, but open for pre-registrants only (limited amount of seats available)

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  • 15:10 - Microsoft’s view on integration: update anno 2016 - by Erik Kerkhofs / Jan Tielen

    Microsoft BizTalk 2016 is out! There is lots to talk about, but let's take a step back first. How does Microsoft envision the future of integration? What are the main trends that drive organizations to have a clear integration strategy? And how can you anticipate to what is coming, to stand out even more from competition? 

  • 15:35 - A dip into the new BizTalk 2016 and an answer to the “should we or shouldn’t we upgrade” question - by Sam Vanhoutte

    Sam will first explore what the Microsoft integration roadmap looks like. Then he will dive into the new BizTalk Server 2016 and summarize for you its newest features. After guiding you through your upgrade options, Sam will help you find an answer to your key question, whether or not you should upgrade your BizTalk environment. 

  • 16:00 - High Availability versus Always On Support: the battle - by Peter Borremans

    What are your possibilities to set up a BizTalk environment in a high available manner? Until BizTalk 2013 R2, only SQL Clustering was there to make a BizTalk environment high available on application level. With BizTalk 2016, also SQL Always On Availability Groups are supported, ensuring that BizTalk can be set up in high available mode on Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Let’s compare the benefits and attention points of both approaches.

  • 16:45 - Azure IPaaS: #IntegrationEvolved - by Glenn Colpaert

    Once upon a time… integration was all about ESB’s, EAI and B2B. Today, many companies wish to integrate beyond firewalls, and typically with SaaS. Hence the uprise of API based integration, using lightweight protocols. The evolution is a fact; so now what is the current state of the Azure Integration Platform?

    Glenn dives into its architecture and explains Logic Apps and the Enterprise Integration Pack. Learn to create basic IFTTT (If This Then That) scenarios, or why not: think bigger and create enterprise-level, hybrid integration scenarios using Logic Apps and on premises LOB apps. 'How does it work', 'How is it Made' and 'How does it all fit together’? Just a couple of questions you will find the answer to.


  • Erik Kerkhofs / Jan Tielen

    Microsoft’s view on integration: update anno 2016

    Erik Kerkhofs / Jan Tielen

    Jan Tielens is Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. After several years as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SharePoint Server, Jan joined Microsoft as a Technology Advisor in the collaboration and social space. Now he’s working at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist focusing on everything related to apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

    The session will be co-hosted by Erik Kerhofs, Director DX at Microsoft. As a member of the Microsoft Belux senior leadership team, Erik heads up the DX division, responsible for inspiring and recruiting startup and software businesses for a cloud first, mobile first world, from ideation over business development all the way to go-to-market strategies. He is also responsible for the Microsoft Innovation Centers, public-private partnerships that focus on startups, innovation and job creation. Erik is an active speaker on topics such as digital transformation and innovation.

  • Sam Vanhoutte

    A dip into the new BizTalk 2016

    Sam Vanhoutte

    Sam Vanhoutte is CTO and Product Manager at Codit and Microsoft Integration MVP. As BizTalk Virtual Technology Specialist, Sam has extensive experience in building integrated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Because of his specialized focus on integration on Microsoft technology, Sam is part of Microsoft's Connected Systems and Azure Advisory boards and is a Windows Azure Insider and Belgian MEET member. Sam co-founded the BizTalk User Group in Belgium and is active crew member of the Windows Azure User Group. While managing and architecting the online integration platform "Integration Cloud," Sam has been focusing on cloud-based integration with the Microsoft Azure platform for years, focusing on the Azure Service Bus and BizTalk Services technology. Sam blogs and tweets.

  • Peter Borremans

    High Availability versus AlwaysOn Support: the battle

    Peter Borremans

    Peter is Integration Architect at Codit and Integration Domain Lead. As Domain Lead, Peter ensures the operations of the Integration domain, from service offering and pre-sales to resource planning and project P&L. As Integration Architect, he analyzes customers’ needs and takes architectural designs to decision makers. He is specialized in architecting and developing SOA and ESB solutions for both private and public sector. Peter is certified in several Microsoft Technologies and is TOGAF 9 certified.

  • Glenn Colpaert

    Azure IPaaS: #IntegrationEvolved: Logic Apps, IFTT and more

    Glenn Colpaert

    Glenn Colpaert is Integration Consultant at Codit and Microsoft Azure MVP. As a real community guy that likes to share his hands-on experience in EAI and B2B projects (on premises and hybrid/cloud), he became  board member of, the Belgian BizTalk User Group. Glenn is also part of the Microsoft Azure Advisors group. Glenn blogs and tweets.